Tactile Door


Wood, textile

This door was my bachelor project at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. A door is a part of the inner architecture, which is relatively easy to renew. Therefore I wanted to design an alternate type of door, that would function as an atmosphere creating interior product. By giving the door a higher level of tactility, it adds more haptic value to sleek modern architecture. The soft textile surface has a positive effect on the acoustics of a room and is ambiance creating. The curved shape of the flexible door leaf enables the door to give space from one room to another, depending on which way it’s pushed by the user. The flexible textile makes it possible to feel another person through the closed door - or see someone touch it from the other side. The door opens both ways like a saloon door, and closes softly due to the textile in the doorframe. 

The door frame is made in wax treated oak.

The door leaf is a wooden frame upholstered with foam and felt.  

The textile was sponsored by Kvadrat.

The door was made with help from furniture upholsterer Nicolai Bisgaard.