Eva Fly


Eva Fly is a Danish designer who holds a Master's degree in Furniture Design from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design. After graduating in 2016, Eva founded her own studio in Copenhagen. Here she designs furniture and interior products, but also experimental one-offs. 

Eva was rewarded as Talent of the Year in Danish Design Awards 2018 and received the Grete Jalk talent award in 2014. Furthermore, she was chosen to exhibit as a part of the exhibition Women In Danish Furniture Design at Trapholt Museum in 2016.

Her drive is to create furniture that can awaken emotions and create moods. She is motivated by the believe, that the objects we surround ourselves with must have qualities beyond functionality, so the user can connect with them on more than a practical level. Her best tool for designing is a good method. She always finds it interesting to work with different methodological approaches in a design process to evoke results that would never otherwise have occured.