The Character Collection


Spacer fabric and pine wood

Experimental piece made in cooperation with textile designer Laura Kirk for the curated exhibition Is this Knit? It is a study of the qualities of spacer fabric - a 3D knitted textile - as a sculptural element in a spatial context. The fabrics knitted structure and volume catches light in various ways and makes it appear transparent and massive at the same time. 

The installation is a poetic story about the meeting between two contrasting materials and how they interact with the phenomena of light. Using wooden sticks as a grid interwoven with the spacer fabric, the stiffness of the sticks and the formability of the textile is emphasized. The composition of the installation is designed to create different levels of translucency and to highlight the transparent and opaque qualities. It is based on a pleated rhythm which consists of controlled lines and areas where the folds can collapse or unfold. The proportions of the installation, gives the idea of something that could be architectonic or a piece of furniture, without dictating a specific function.